Full Draw Archery

Become a Member

Prospective members must submit a membership application to the club prior to the last Monday of any month. Applicants are then invited to attend the membership meeting on the first Monday of the month where they are voted on by the general membership at the monthly meeting. Dues are reviewed annually by the board of directors for possible changes if needed, and are currently $120.00 per year for our working membership and, effective January 1, 2016, $250.00 for non-working membership. (Membership covers couples, or adults and children in the family) Dues are due in January starting the following year and are prorated in that year. There is also a $10.00 initiation fee for new members.

 Members are asked to support the Ahamo archery club by attending work parties to set up and run tournaments and for general upkeep of the club. There is a minimum requirement that members support at least 1/3 of our work parties throughout the year. Members not making their commitment each year may be assessed an additional membership fee the following year, up to the maximum membership fee of $250.00.

Special allowances are permitted if members are physically unable to make commitments or have special job considerations. All members receive a key to the indoor range, a monthly newsletter and are encouraged to attend all club functions.

Membership entitles members access to the indoor range, monthly club newsletters and member reduced fees for club shoots and leagues.

The application must be submitted no less than seven (7) days prior to a regular monthly meeting, which is held on the first Monday of each month. Applicants must attend the monthly meeting where they can sign an application and be voted on before the general membership at the meeting.

Use the Ahamo Archery Club form to apply.